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Camilla Tassi

Created online catalog of compositions that utilize the

text and poetry of author Primo Levi.

Featured on

      Computer Science & Music Projects


      • Motet for Loudspeaker & Performer

        Designed and built 4-channel loudspeaker 'voice' pyramid

        cabinet for performance. Recorded self vocals. Ableton.

       • Music Mind Ensemble: EXNECTOME

        EEG reading done in OpenBCI and sound design in

        SuperCollider. Brain orchestra under Dr. Michael Casey


        • LenMus

        Contributed to LenMus, an open source music theory learning

         program. See September 2015 update for details. Primarily C++. 


         • 3D Interactive Keyboard

         Created a 3D WebGL Piano Keyboard with interactive keys.        

         Computer Graphics project with partner Shaquille Johnson.                  WebGL, JavaScript.


           • Arduino Keyboards

          Electronic 'keyboard' instruments designed for Thid Coast

          Percussion's performance of "Wild Sound". Under Dr. Jay

          Brockman. Arduino, Mozzi library. 


Web designer for Yale Cabaret (2020-2021)

Ongoing project of open-source software for artists, for video editing, audio editing, and broadcasting.

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