Camilla Tassi

      Computer Science & Music Projects


      • Motet for Loudspeaker & Performer

        Designed and built 4-channel loudspeaker 'voice' pyramid

        cabinet for performance. Recorded self vocals. Ableton.

       • Music Mind Ensemble: EXNECTOME

        EEG reading done in OpenBCI and sound design in

        SuperCollider. Brain orchestra under Dr. Michael Casey


        • LenMus

        Contributed to LenMus, an open source music theory learning

         program. See September 2015 update for details. Primarily C++. 


         • 3D Interactive Keyboard

         Created a 3D WebGL Piano Keyboard with interactive keys.        

         Computer Graphics project with partner Shaquille Johnson.                  WebGL, JavaScript.


        • Conductor Analysis

         Desktop application for taking in joint/motion data from    

         musical conductors and analyzing beat patterns and periodicity.            Envisioned as an music education/instruction and analysis tool.

         Supervised by Dr. Patrick Flynn.  OpenNI, C++, Matlab, Python


         • Arduino Keyboards

          Electronic 'keyboard' instruments designed for Thid Coast

          Percussion's performance of "Wild Sound". This year, I helped

          build version two of the instrument, four keyboards from

          scratch, and also wrote design documentation under Dr. Jay

          Brockman. Arduino, Mozzi library. 



Visual software: Autodesk Maya, Isadora, QLab, Adobe Suite

Created online catalog of compositions that utilize the

text and poetry of author Primo Levi.

Featured on

View other programming projects not only related to music such as the Elastic HTCondor AWS pool, mobile procedures app, 3D Tetris and more.

Teaching Assistant for

- CSE 40175 Ethical & Professional Issues (link)

- CSE 20212 Fundamentals of Computing


Languages most comfortable in: C,

C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3



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