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Camilla Tassi

Mind Music Ensemble : EXNECTOME

As part of Dr. Michael Casey's course MUS102 "Music, Mind, and Invention" a group of us students, in conjunction with his collaboration, prepared a 'brain orchestra' outlined below. Video here.

BREGMAN MEDIA LABS: Michael Casey, Dominic Coles, Josh Davis, Paxton Fitzpatrick, Alexandra Kraft, Camilla Tassi, and Gus Xia.

From the members' words: "In our work, Exnectome (Exa-Connectome), we call upon technology as a means to enable genuine connection and communication between performers’ neuro-physiologies—encompassing group mental states—and their sonic manifestations via digital audio synthesis. The literal translation of brain waves into vibrations and the sonification of biofeedback artistically further our understanding of each other and thus augment the art of creating a more synchronized sound, together.

Exnectome explores this topic through a brain orchestra, in which we explicitly express this interconnection between performers via direct sonification of brain activities while maintaining the musical character through careful sound design. Our unique system of three networks of feedback—visual, auditory, and biophysical—establishes a newly thorough and deep connection among ensemble members. With this, we create an artform that can better translate raw brainwaves of a performer, promote group communication, and explore the connection between the two."

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