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Camilla Tassi

Adoration (BMP & PROTOTYPE)

ADORATION (opera world premiere)

opera by @marykouyoumdjian

director: @lainerettmer

costumes: @radbest

sound: @neumann.fragments

projections: Camilla Tassi

projection engineering: Moro Media @j.p._moro

live camera programming: @redbeardlanius @tifffffchen

content assistance/chat room edits: @yeetlicia

special thanks to install @davies.designs21 & @jack_crank

Conductor: Alan Pierson

Cinematographer: April Goldberg

SM: @tinytablesm

production lifesavers: @lisastephenfriday & @sarahherdrich

libretto by Royce Vavrek

at the Sheen Center

6 live cameras!

photo by @photo_by_baranova, @scenesbysean, @tifffffchen and self

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