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Camilla Tassi

Projection Designer: Apollo's Fire Tour, O Jerusalem

Projection designer and programmer for Apollo’s Fire’s touring concert series, ‘O Jerusalem’ with performances in venues including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), Cleveland Museum of Art (OH), and Galvin Recital Hall (Northwestern, IL). Jeannette Sorrell, artistic director and conductor.

March 5-12, 2020.

It was a joy to continue developing the design for this program, licensing and designing artworks for each of the pieces performed; animating them to be cued live to the music. At the Met Museum, it was particularly touching how three of the artworks referenced were part of the Met’s collection. The imagery included paintings and music manuscripts that give the audience an added layer of context to the works being performed, as the program showcased music from 1300-1600 from the Jewish, Armenian, Muslim, and Christian traditions, through the eyes of Jerusalem.

With a touring production, one of the challenges (and joys!) is how each hall is different from the other. Surfaces, aspect ratios, lighting… All dependent on the venue! As a result, each space has a different feel and experience. Very thankful for a third season with this amazing ensemble and family.

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