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Camilla Tassi

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Ongoing collection of open-source/free resources for audio, video, and broadcasting.

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The impact of COVID-19 on the performative arts is immense. As we find ourselves in virtual and hybrid spaces, and in thinking of accessibility, I wished for artists (particularly musicians) to be made aware of the free (open-source) software that is out there to be able to accomplish tasks such as recording/audio editing, video composition/editing, and broadcasting.

In short, to create a simple page that could help others be exposed to tools to continue to create.

Because these programs are open-source, most are maintained by volunteers, please consider donating to them if you can.

While I am currently focusing on software, I am potentially thinking of including resources on hardware. While hardware isn't free, it may be helpful to create a bit of a 'one stop' space.

I am not affiliated with the open-source software being listed. There is no ads/revenue from this. If you know of a piece of software that could help others, please share using the 'contact' button below. Thank you.

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