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Camilla Tassi

Video Designer & Producer: Silent Fire Exhibit

As a collaboration between Nasty Women Connecticut and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, I was brought on the board for "Silent Fire" - an exhibit focusing on works by women and centering the experiences of women - as a producer, videographer/filming, and video designer.

From the site " Ranging from the 1600s to the present day, the included works showcase sparsely recorded musical performances and the artistic responses of contemporary artists to the programmed repertoire. An interdisciplinary project from the start, the Silent Fire Project team programmed six non-canonical musical works and issued an open call to contemporary artists to submit corresponding artistic pieces."

It was a joy to interface with the visual artists and to give a durational element to their work via music.

Music by Florence Price, Barbara Strozzi, Libby Larsen, Alexis Lamb, Joel Thompson, and Fanny Hensel.

To view the exhibit (up until August 2021):


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