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Camilla Tassi

Grant winners: Curtis Institute of Music & Purple Project for Democracy

Composer Alexis C. Lamb and I will be collaborating on a new work she is creating for Curtis Institute of Music’s Ensemble 20/21. The grant was awarded by The Curtis Institute of Music and the Purple Project for Democracy, with the amount of $10,000

"Selected from over 100 applicants, Ms. Lamb intends to work closely with projection designer Camilla Tassi.

The new piece will be scored for a small instrumental ensemble with a vocalist. It will utilize texts from past Supreme Court hearings, as well as source images and animations of those elements representing the accomplishments of individuals who have taken an active role in shaping democracy in the United States, with a primary focus on voting campaigns and peaceful protests...."

I'm thankful for Alexis reaching out and look forward to a second collaboration together!

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