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Camilla Tassi

NY Times: Audiovisual Composition

The New York Times featured the Oral History of American Music project, to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the archival project. Vivian Perlis founded Yale’s Oral History of American Music in 1968. Today, the project continues her mission to record the voices of American composers.

As a small feature, the audiovisual composition composer Alexis C. Lamb and I created in January, as part of the anniversary of OHAM was included. It is an audiovisual work honoring the late composer, Pauline Oliveros, by incorporating excerpts from interviews with her from the Oral History of American Music (OHAM) collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary of it.

It included and animated diagrams from Oliveros’ Anthology of Text Scores to display the innovation of her work. The Oliveros project was a similar approach to the project that we are proposing because it creates a connection between archival research and the creative process through visual and musical means.

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