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Camilla Tassi

Lighting Designer: Baltimore Waltz Scenes

This term I took the course Lighting Design under Prof. Dan Kotlowitz at Dartmouth College. One of the culminating projects was designing and implementing scenes from the play Baltimore Waltz by Paula Vogel. The understanding I gained about working in ETC EoS, programming, hanging, focusing, and the behavior of light have have affected my perception of it in the production process beyond what I could have expected - I used to think of light as an additional element, but now I see it as one of the most essential aspects. As Robert Wilson would say 'light is the most important actor onstage'! More than that, my approach to design has deepened immensely - you know those courses that change your life a bit? This one was definitely it.

Creating a design concept for plays/spoken text/poetry was also a new frontier for me, as my design work is typically in the music context. Understanding the behavior of colors, movement, dispersion, and intensity is ultimately turning me into a more conscious designer in this incredible visual world of presentation.

A few photos, mine above. Wish I could have taken video! Mixture of Source 4s and projection.

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