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Camilla Tassi

Singer: Oxford University Choral Summer Scholars

I had the joy to apply and be accepted into the first installment of Oxford University's Choral Summer Scholars. The group consisted of twenty singers from around the world - from South Africa to Australia and the US.

As part of the workshop, we rehearsed pieces from the English choral tradition (works included composers such as Harris, Gibbons, Parson, Rubbra, Tavener, and Stainer and gave a chronological survey of this genre).

During the duration of the program (June 23rd - July 2nd) we were housed in the beautiful St. Stephen's Hall. In addition to our daily rehearsals, we also had guest lectures and sessions with directors such as Dr. Stephen Darlington and James Potter.

We had the chance to record as a group and we were led by Dr. James Whitbourn. My first time at Oxford could not have been more perfect, what a moving experience it was and what beautiful friendships were formed.

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