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Camilla Tassi

Accepted into: Dartmouth College Glee Club and Handel Society

I am excited to share that I auditioned for two choirs here at Dartmouth and was offered a place in both: the Handel Society of Dartmouth College and the Dartmouth College Glee Club.

This week I arrived to Dartmouth's campus - my new life as a graduate student is beginning! While classes haven't begun yet, I managed to finalize my schedule. More importantly, I really am content with the living situation - my housemates are kind and altruistic. We just realized that we are not your typical four student (we're the only 2 women in the Digital Musics' Master and the only two women in the Computer Science Master's + PhD). I'm all about women making a difference!

In regards to the two choirs, the Handel Society of Dartmouth College is the oldest student, faculty, staff and community organization in the United States devoted to the performance of choral-orchestral major works. The Society was founded in 1807 by Dartmouth faculty and students to “promote the cause of true and genuine sacred music.” Recent performances include the Verdi Requiem and Bach B Minor Mass.

On the other hand, the Dartmouth Glee Club is more chamber-like in its size and only composed of Dartmouth students. As stated on their site, performance history includes many of the masterworks of choral-orchestral literature, fully staged opera, operettas and musicals with all-student casts, large and small a cappella works and the cherished songs of Dartmouth College. In addition to international tours to Canada, Italy, and Brazil, the Glee Club regularly tours all across the United States. They have released 5 CDs of choral music and have performed the Brahms Requiem in Carnegie Hall in 2000.

I am very thankful to have the chance to be involved in these two ensembles, most looking forward to the repertoire and for the chance to get to know musicians on campus.

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