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Camilla Tassi

Video Designer: Premiere, Joel Thompson

"A Prayer for Deliverance" - composed by Joel Thompson.

This choral composition premiere has been a joy, and the video design/editing was a really smooth and open collaboration.

When Jeff Douma and Joel Thompson started this collaboration more than a year ago, they had originally intended to create an experience that would be in dialogue with young Handel's masterwork Dixit Dominus, something more oriented towards peace and comfort, in direct contrast to the more militaristic language in that setting of Psalm 110. But then the pandemic arose, and they realized it would last a lot longer than they had anticipated. And then the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and many others.

Composed for:

The Yale Glee Club Jeffrey Douma, Musical Director

The Yale Glee Club Chamber Singers Joe Lerangís, Musical Director

Morse Chorale Stephanie Tubiolo, Musical Director

Sherezade Panthaki, Soprano Michele Kennedy, Soprano Cecilia Duarte Mezzo-Soprano Noah Horn, Tenor Haitham Haidar, Tenor Dashon Burton, Bass-Baritone Jonathan Woody, Bass-Baritone Enrico Lagasca, Bass-Baritone

Camilla Tassi and Stephanie Tubiolo, video design Camilla Tassi, videography Noah Horn, audio design Sarah Grube and Alex Whittington, Yale Glee Club student conductors Jonathan Jalbert, guide track editor Christian Crocker, guide track vocalist


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