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Camilla Tassi

Projection Designer, Stravinsky's 'Le Rossignol'

As part of the Yale Opera Spring double bill, directed by Dustin Wills, I had the chance to be the projection designer for a performance of Menotti's 'Old Maid and the Thief' and Stravinsky's 'Le Rossignol' (The Nightingale).

The director's concept for the Stravinsky was inspired by the visual work of Italian futurists. Giacomo Balla's artwork heavily influenced my design, and I often was inspired to take shapes and elements from it, and animating it. It was a brief 2-3 day tech process on a budget, but I was moved by the engaging directing!

Music direction by Douglas Dickson and Timothy Shaindlin

Stage direction by Dustin Wills

Lighting by Doug Harry

Projection by Camilla Tassi

Costumes by Rebecca Welles

Photos by Matthew Fried

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