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Camilla Tassi

Projection Designer: Copland's "Tender Land" (opera)

As my third collaboration with Opera Theater of Yale College, I designed set projections for the opera Tender Land by Aaron Copland. Projections, in this case, allowed to create the time of day and visual world. It was a treat to have a blank fabric and canvas in creating the skies for the space.

The team for this student-led production is as follows:

Director: Amanda Vosburgh

Musical Director: Ian Niederhoffer

Stage Manager: Jingyi Cui

Orchestra Manager: Emery Kerekes

Choreographer: Gabrielle Niederhoffer

Set Designer: Oliver Orr

Projections Designer: Camilla Tassi

Costume Designer: Sarah Switzer

Producer: Kohl Weisman

Producer: Raphaël Laden-Guindon

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