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Camilla Tassi

Projection Designer: Yale School of Architecture Installation

Thanks to Davis Butner, I was invited to collaborate on the interdisciplinary installation “Sounding Sacred”, which looked at acoustics in sacred spaces of various faith traditions. Davis, as well as Evan Sale and Isabel Balda were the graduate students in the Yale School of Architecture that spearheaded the project. For projections, I was able to bring animations created In the software Odeon, which used 2 and 3D models of the four architectural spaces, and simulated how sound would travel in the architecture and materials of the space.

The exhibit opened in February at the Yale School Architecture gallery, and will include tours of live vocal sacred music, performed by members of the ISMusic at Yale, which I am happy to also be part of as a performer.

I think this initiative was a wonderful collaboration in design/architecture, animation, music, and cultures. I can’t thank them enough for their openness to other areas of practice and for the experience of working in the installation environment.

Yale School of Architecture Gallery

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