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Camilla Tassi

Projection Designer & Translator: "Fall of the House Usher" Glass & Yorinks [MASS

I had the joy of being part of the creative team behind a work-in-progress adaptation of Philip Glass and Arthur Yorinks’ opera “The Fall of the House Usher”, presented at MASS MoCA on November 10th.

Written an directed by Jim Simpson and Arthur Yorinks, the work presented a re-imaging of the opera, to which Yorinks wrote the libretto. It included the original music, as well as live sound effects by Fred Newman and puppetry, headed by Roman Paska.

Teaming up with the incredible Wendall Harrington, we provided projection design and programming for the show. In the presentation, an Italian narrator would provide additional narration, interfacing with the audience. I had the pleasure of translating Yorinks’ narrations into Italian for the occasion.

It was a really wonderful experience to be surrounded by so many wonderful artists, all coming together to interpret, discuss, and present a work. As a younger artist, compared to their experience, it was also humbling and beautiful to see how they each brought their expertise to the piece.

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