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Camilla Tassi

Projection Designer: "Venus and Adonis" [J.Blow opera]

Something I am particularly moved by is initiatives, by young students, to put on performances of classical music. Bonus points for opera!

Having previously designed projections for the Opera Theater of Yale College, I returned to help them with their production of John Blow's baroque opera "Venus and Adonis".

The venue for this work, the Off-Broadway theater here at Yale, came equipped with a large LED screen. Oddly enough, this was the first time I used an LED screen to output projection onto!

It proved to be a fun surface - especially at no cost - to create an animated backdrop for the performance. Similar to RP, we also did not have to worry about shadows being casted by performers.

Producer: Lisl Wangermann

Director: Raphaël Laden-Guindon

Musical Director: Lucine Musaelian

Stage Manager: Lisl Wangermann

Lighting Designer: Kohl Weisman

Costume Designer: Amanda Vosburgh

Projection Designer: Camilla Tassi

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