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Camilla Tassi

Voice & Projections: 'Stabat Mater', Digital Arts Expo

Had the chance to premiere Xanthe Kraft's composition 'Stabat Mater', composed for voice, electronics, and visual projections. The work was presented at the Digital Arts Expo as part of the SHIFT festival at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.

The performance occurred in the Black Family Visual Arts Center's whitebox gallery space.

Xanthe Kraft, composer & voice organ

Jozh Davis, electronics & video

Camilla Tassi, voice & projection

I was able to check off a projection bucket list item... Projecting onto sheets! I was heavily inspired by how they draped cloth on the music stands for Guarnieri's "L'amore che move il sole e le altre stelle" after seeing it at the Spoleto Festival a few years ago. The vocal line for this piece was chant & aria inspired. Light sculptures were crafted by Josh.

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