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Camilla Tassi

Projection Designer & Director: Talk to Me Like the Rain

On April 5, an independent production based on Tennessee Williams' one-act play Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let me Listen will open in the Bentley Theater at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.

The project will present, in the same evening, both the original play (directed by Kelleen Moriarty) and the contemporary opera adaptation of it by composer Larry Delinger, which I had the pleasure of casting, directing and projection designing.

Set designer Brenna Gourgeot and assistant professor Michael Ganio are also part of the collective (Drama+Opera) behind this project's initiative and mission, as we are hoping to bridge the gap between theater and opera, blurring departmental lines and fostering collaboration.

Free admission, Hopkins Center for the Arts - Bentley Theater - April 5th, 8pm

Poster design by Josh Davis.

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