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Camilla Tassi

Stage manager for Apollo's Fire

On May 3rd I had the wonderful opportunity of being the stage manager for Apollo's Fire's performance at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, Spaulding Auditorium. Their "Bach's Coffeehouse" program included Bach's Overture No. 2 in B minor, Telemann's Don Quixote Suite, and Vivaldi Flute Concerto “Il Gardellino”.. Though I also personally loved Sorrell's arrangement of Vivaldi's "La Follia".

I could not believe that the orchestra, led by Jeannette Sorrell, was coming here for a brief residency! I completely admire them for their musicianship, entrepreneurship, and dedication. Ms. Sorrell really believed in her mission of bringing forth a baroque orchestra that highlighted Affekt, and one that now has been bringing its music to audiences for 25 years. It was so moving and inspirational to hear some of the members' stories. In addition, I had the pleasure of singing/playing for them for a brief masterclass - definitely humbling as they are likely used to students from conservatories!

As a young woman with dreams of baroque music performance in conjunction with multimedia visuals that, in content, take inspiration from scholarship, language, and history, it's fairly life-changing to have the chance to speak to someone such as Sorrell. If all goes well, it's not the last time I'll be seeing this incredible woman and group! :)

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