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Camilla Tassi

New year: harpsichord training, new multimedia production, and more!

With the start of 2017, I began my second term at Dartmouth. Among courses on neuroscience programming and music, scenic design (I built my first set models for Gianni Schicchi and drafted ground plans for them!), and helping as the new student manager of the Handel Society, there is a lot to be thankful about!

A new skill I have begun lessons for, and will continue for the next two terms, is one I've been wanting to learn for a while: harpsichord playing - specifically basso continuo and being able to realize figured bass on the spot. It's been such a pleasure and a lot of practice. Still much to improve upon!

In addition, I have just finished scheduling rehearsals and have begun coaching students on duets I have transcribed by Carissimi, as well as a choral movement by him, for a production I am creating of Carissimi's music combined with multimedia projections and a potential hologram pyramid - further details are under wraps for now, but more on that soon as the concert date draws nearer.

Starting off what I feel will be a year of excitement, learning/growth, and experiences!

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