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Mind Music Ensemble : EXNECTOME

As part of Dr. Michael Casey's course MUS102 "Music, Mind, and Invention" a group of us students, in conjunction with his collaboration, prepared a 'brain orchestra' outlined below. Video here. BREGMAN MEDIA LABS: Michael Casey, Dominic Coles, Josh Davis, Paxton Fitzpatrick, Alexandra Kraft, Camilla Tassi, and Gus Xia. From the members' words: "In our work, Exnectome (Exa-Connectome), we call upon technology as a means to enable genuine connection and communication between performers’ neuro-physiologies—encompassing group mental states—and their sonic manifestations via digital audio synthesis. The literal translation of brain waves into vibrations and the sonification of biofeedback artist

Multimedia production: an immersion into the world of Carissimi

This weekend, Saturday March 4 at 7pm, we will be premiering my latest production project. The event will be a brief immersion into the world of Carissimi through his music as well as the poetry, visual arts, and architecture he was surrounded by. Upper Valley News did a feature of the event here. Camilla Tassi, producer, conductor, harpsichord, and visual projections Jenny Seong, visual projections Photo: "Dartmouth students rehearse for a baroque music performance, which includes photo projections of an Italian concert hall and duets by members of the college Handel Society at the Hop Garage performance space on Sunday, February 26, 2017, in Hanover N.H. Graduate student Camilla Tassi cast

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