Camilla Tassi

Process work

          (some in-progress documentation of past projects). Click photo to enlarge.

Dante cosmogony animation (under 3D animation), utilized to be projected in performance

- I like creating a storybook/timeline of what is happening to the actors and on-stage to then build off of. I then also research paintings and imagery of the time period and characters we are interested in. 

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Alluvione live performance and electronic composition

- For this piece I composed, I utilized both sounds that I recorded as well as samples from interviews and sounds of Florence. I used a MIDI controller to manipulate some of the tracks live and map filters onto them. I created a video in Final Cut Pro to go along with the live performance. Here are some work files, particularly Ableton. I also created a visual diagram.

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Voice pyramid installation - recorded vocals, built speaker cabinet.

Venus 2D animation process imagery, from my animation link portfolio.

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DAX opera scenes plan (final video seen in 'projection mapping' link of my portfolio:

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