Camilla Tassi

original 2D and 3D animation

          (Excerpts using Adobe Suite + Autodesk Maya)

Autodesk Maya. Creating and animated using images referring to Dante's Divina Commedia for the production "Journeying La Divina Commedia" presented at the Debartolo Performing Arts Center. Projected during audience's entrance, pre-performance.

(optional) Low-res BB8 animation.

Models are NOT by me, animation is original. Just a fun bit.

AfterEffects+Photoshop. 2D animation based off of Titian's painting 'Venere fascia amore', made to be projected for the 'Pen e tormenti' performance, March 2017, at the Hop Garage, Hopkins Center for the Arts.

(optional): Varese "Deserts"

Illustrating the idea of pitch planes in measures 1-21 of Varese's Deserts (all original material and animation).