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Camilla Tassi

Video Designer: Les Délices

I was invited to design for Les Délices's 2021 season closing virtual concert, focusing on Machaut's "Lai of the Fountain". This was a collaboration with Erica Brenner productions, who did the gorgeous filming, which I then overlayed and augmented with medieval manuscript imagery, to bring the performers into the world of the garden and the period - a fun opportunity to transform this already beautiful space, in a way that is sensitive to the music!

The project was given a really wonderful preview by ClevelandClassical

It is currently streaming until April 19th, 2021, tickets can be purchased at the ensemble's website above.

ClevelandClassical's Daniel Hathaway notes "But what makes the video special, beyond the wonderful performances, are the projections and video art designed by Camilla Tassi. Machaut and his colleagues inspired some engaging iconography, and Tassi has found intriguing ways to shine images on the walls of Herr Chapel at Plymouth Church, where the program was filmed, and even to superimpose them on the faces of performers."


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