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Camilla Tassi

New Music New Haven: Designer

Had the chance to create a livefeed setup/design for Anteo Fabris' new opera concept.

A prospective vaporwave opera, Magnetic Processes In Turbulent Space explores "god status," modern class disparity and Marc Augé’s theory of the “non-place” through the stories of Apollo, Cassandra, Leucothoë, Daphne and Marsyas.

Scored for electronics and baroque consort.

Music by Anteo Fabris Lyrics by Kulimushi Barongozi Sculpture design made possible by the Yale Center for Engineering, Innovation and Design Projections by Camilla Tassi Visual Art by Jessica Mei Fleming Role of Cassandra played by L. Nielsen

Preliminary scene performed at the Yale School of Music, Morse Recital Hall, November 2019


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