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Camilla Tassi

Projection designer: Die Zauberflöte, Mozart (Berlin)

The venue for the performances was the Musikbrauerei in Berlin. I've always enjoyed 'found spaces' for opera, and audience was seated on two opposite sides, with the performers in a corridor-like fashion. I particularly loved this door located on one of the walls, where I decided to project onto, as it was the location for the water and fire trials, as well as for entrances of major characters, such as the Queen of the Night.

Photos by the amazing: Opernfotografie Detlef Kurth

The team was as follows:

Dirigent: Andrew Wise Regisseur: Gidon Saks

Choreografin: Andrea Danae Kingston

Kostüme: Tegan Outram, Jo Robinson, Devon Horn

Beleuchtung: Steffen Hoppe

Projektionsdesignerin: Camilla Tassi

Künstlerische Leitung: Mark Sampson Jessica Farrell

Klavier: Paul McKenzie, Emas Au

Orgel & Glockenspiel: Emas Au

Kapellmeister & Trommel: Calum Zuckert

Flöte: Natalia Karaszewska

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