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Camilla Tassi

Stage manager for: Ian Bostridge & Thomas Adès

I had the pleasure of working as stage manager for Ian Bostridge & Thomas Adès' performance of Winterreise by Schubert at the Hopkins Center for the Arts' Spaulding Theater here at Dartmouth College

Working backstage meant not having the chance to listen to them from the audience's seats, but it was a very beautiful experience to help their evening run smoothly. Bostridge's recordings of Schubert and Britten works have been ones I have been listening to for many years - what a surreal experience and wonderful opportunity it was to stage manage for him. Sometimes even witnessing those moments of warming up, funny backstage comments, regular everyday clothes, etc. make us realize a beautiful, honest, and human side to these performers... And also how we can help! It's also very powerful to see a performer who has truly devote a large portion of his life to a specific repertoire/piece and experience that live.

I like to respect privacy and keep details out of the way - one tiny bit I will mention though is how kind Mr. Bostridge was in signing one of the first Schubert pieces I ever learned to sing. Something to treasure!

Overall, very thankful for the opportunity and for the stage managing experience I am getting while here at Dartmouth.

[Below: Autograph (left) and my sitting next to him the following day for a workshop (right)]

[Pictured above: the letters/signs of the Hopkins Center changed to reflect the performance that evening]

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